26 April 2010

GM 20: Bos 13 @ Tor 12

Welcome to all the new "readers" that have made their way over to JaysSTAT over the last day or so. I hope you all stick around and enjoy some more lens flare goodness.

I really wanted to give a happy cat to Overbay,
but this line and loss cannot be ignored.


eyebleaf said...

You're right, that line can't be ignored. The best part: he knows Angry Little Girl is watching.

Harold said...

She is there, and she is pissed.

Notice Eveland just looks like a complete loser in the picture. His uniform looks sloppy and he just looks lost. Not the posture of a winner at all. Subtle middle finger too. haha!

Ian H. said...

I think I saw Angry Little Girl leave after the sixth inning.

Roll Fizzlebeef said...

I think it could have gone either way with the Happy Cat/ALG last night. The only thing that stopped it from being a definite ALG situation was that Josh Beckett gave up a slightly worse line. Forgettable outing, but not the real killer last night for the Jays. (see: Jays Bullpen)

Harold said...

In fairness, by the time the 6th inning rolled around - it was already well past her bedtime. Hell, it it was past mine.

Roll F,
The pen was awful too, but 7 earned runs in 3 innings just ain't cutting it. If the pen continued at that pace, the Sox score 21. lol.