01 May 2010

GM 25: Oak 4 @ Tor 3

I scanned the boxscore after game 25 to see if any one performance stood out. Fred Lewis deserved credit for a decent game, but his baserunning error prevented him from from gaining his first career Happy-Cat. Dana Eveland didn't pitch terribly well against his former team, but staved off a visit from the Angry Little Girl with a solid 5th and 6th. Instead, Jose Bautista gets H.C. recognition today for his clever slide to avoid the tag of rookie catcher Josh Donaldson. Doesn't necessarily show up as significant in the boxscore, but this was a big run and gave the Jays a glimmer of comeback hope.


bkblades said...

LOL. I don't think there's a more apt word.

kidkawartha said...

It must be hard to pass an entire Happy Cat like umpie did there.