22 May 2010

GM 45: Tor 5 @ Ari 8


Roll Fizzlebeef said...

It's a livin' thing,
It's a terrible thing to lose.
It's a given thing.
What a terrible thing to lose.

It's was a wild ride, Dana. Don't get washed up in the glitz and/or glamour of Vegas.

eyebleaf said...

It looks like John Buck is looking at Angry Little Girl. Crazy.

Roy A. Elliott said...

I feel like the majority of angry little girls are directed at poor Dana.

Harold said...

Eveland and Morrow are tied for the team lead in AGLs with 3.

I seriously contemplated giving the bullpen a HappyCat for this game. 6 innings of shutout ball, combined. Just couldn't ignore that pitching line from Dana though, especially now that it sounds like it may have been his ticket to Vegas.